On frogging and starting again

A few weeks back, I bragged about my Flying Vee, that it was ‘flying’ off the needles, which was completely true. I loved this yarn and watching the project take form.  Fast forward to last Saturday, and I finished it. I got the last stitches bound off, wet blocked and dried and started seaming it together. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

The t-shirt is written so that it tapers at the waist, and I was a little concerned about needed a little more ease for my middle, so I was making the shirt with a mod the designer provided for more room at the waist. In the middle of seaming, I tried it on and was crestfallen to see how it was fitting on me. It was roomy in all the wrong places, doing me no favours and not giving me a flattering silhouette.  I’m okay with the loose, boxy sweaters (my Joji Boxy is high up on my favourite sweaters ranking), but this one just wasn’t working like I wanted it to.  I sent a picture to a friend, I Facetimed with my sister, all for that extra set of eyes and extra opinions.  The result was unanimous. I ripped it all out.

Angry at this project going south, I rage-finished my pink and black vanilla socks and rage-started a set of skimmer socks, all before I could face that blue yarn to cast on one more time, this time as the designer wrote it without the waist modification.

I got there. It took a day or so, but I re-cast on Monday and knit a few rows to get it started.


Once Upon A Sock – June 2019

(Okay, this is a day late… oops!) This may be one of the least exciting Once Upon a Socks to participate this month, because, not much happened!  After April, where I felt like I was exclusively knitting socks, I was eagerly looking for something different to work on, and that became my Flying Vee shirt.  Because of my excitement over this project, not much sock knitting was done!

I got a few more rounds worked on my pink and black vanilla socks.  Sock 1 knit up with a few movie watching adventures, and part of the foot of Sock 2 were worked on while at a City Council Committee Meeting (exciting stuff, huh).


Photo courtesy of last month – image this month’s is past the heel, and the second stripe of black is being worked.

I’ve also been working not-so-diligently on a pair of socks for my grandfather, and it struck me that why my enthusiasm isn’t great is probably because of the yarn.  I’m using Kroy, a workhorse of a sock yarn if ever there was one.  While working with it, it feels like a heavier sock yarn than others, and this extra bulk, while I’m sure it will make a cozy pair of socks, is rather annoying to work with on my beloved 9″ circulars. Because I’m not enjoying working with this yarn, I’m not working on this sock more than others.  Hopefully, once I’ve finished the Flying Vee, I’ll try to avoid casting on another sweater and dedicate myself exclusively to these socks, at the very least to get ONE of them done.

About Once Upon a Sock: On the first Thursday of the month, a number of sock-knitting bloggers share their progress with the theme “Once Upon a Sock,” an awesome initiative co-ordinated by Paula @ Spin A Yarn! It’s well worth checking out the other posts because it’s always interesting to see what other people are looking at; it’s like sock yarn eye candy!

Flying Vee is Flying

Earlier in the Spring, I felt like all I was knitting was socks. Please do not misunderstand; that is not at all a bad thing.  My warm toes are always happy for socks, but I was really wanting to start something new.  I had quite a bit of sock weight yarn in my stash (shocking, I know) and really wanted to make a garment.

I was really pleased when I found Flying Vee by Stephanie Earp. It is a fingering weight shirt which could either be made with long or short sleeves; I’ve opted for the short sleeve version.  I loved that it had the middle panel where a fun sock yarn really could pop.  I had two options in my stash, and with the help of Soper Creek Yarns, we narrowed the choice to Riverside Studio Supersock Superwash Merino Nylon Fingering in Raspberry and found an amazing Cascade Yarns® Heritage to compliment it as the main body colour.


Here are the two yarns, Cascade being the dark blue (and although this photo doesn’t show it, the heathering is pink), and the light blue/pink/purple is the Riverside.  The bag likely dates to the 70s, and it is new-to-me, likely owned by my great-grandmother who was a member of the York-District Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers.

Well, this t-shirt has been flying off my needles. I had a few moments of confusion around a modification provided to allow for more ease at the waist.  There were two of us, and I would consider us (my friend, especially) to be confident and competent knitters, and at times we were interpreting  these short row instructions completely differently! My default go-to move is simply ‘I’ll just try it and see what happens.’  I’m pretty happy that I only had to completely frog it once!


It’s an interesting construction; rather than being knit top-down, or bottom-up, it’s knit from side to side, and the centre ‘V’ is achieved through short rows.  The front is completed, and I’m making very good progress on the back. Hopefully I’ll have a new shirt ready for wear in the coming weeks!


Frolic: 2019 Edition

April 27 was the annual Toronto Knitter’s Frolic, hosted by the Toronto Knitters Guild.  This is a much loved annual tradition, not only for people in the Greater Toronto Area, but from all over. I’ve attended this event since 2015 (and wrote about 2016, 2017, and 2018), and it is always fun, slightly overwhelming, and my bank account leaves a little lighter.  Being ‘old hat’ at this event, I know to budget my nickels accordingly so to avoid doing too much damage!

In a nutshell, the Knitter’s Frolic is a large yarn festival, held in Toronto and featuring vendors from around Ontario and beyond.

This year, I was quite pleased with my purchases:


In the middle is a project bag, made by Bling Your String. They seem to be a Frolic mainstay, featuring lovely project and notion bags of lots of different shapes and sizes. The Tardises on the bag really sold it for me. Last year I bought a sock yarn set from this vendor and made a pair of Hermione’s Sock with it.

The blue and white yarn above the bag is Regia, which I’m planning on overdyeing for a pair of the Thirteenth Doctor socks.  When the Doctor regenerated into Jodie Whittaker, their style regenerated too. She wears a long trench coat, rainbow suspenders, and underneath her boots are a pair of blue striped socks. Coming to my needles soon…

Continuing with my Doctor Who obsession theme, to the left of the bag is Fourth Doctor self striping sock yarn with co-ordinated brown heel.  There’s 125g of sock yarny goodness in those skeins, and I have lots of time to find the perfect shawl/cowl with which to showcase this yarn!  It was done by indy-dyer The Yarn Therapist, and her etsy shop is HERE.

The green yarn caught my eye at the All Dyed Up booth.  It is a little different from colours I usually gravitate to; blues and teals are my jam, but this lovely skein came home with me.  I’m not sure yet what it is destined to become, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Finally, the last skein is from Songbird Yarns and Fibres. It was dyed, like all of her yarns, inspired by different songbirds. I bought the Red Winged Blackbird in, surprise surprise, sock weight. What is especially lovely about this yarn is that the dyer donates $2.00 per skein to Bird Studies Canada to help with conservation initiatives.

This year, I went with my cousin, a new-ish knitter, so I got to spread the frolic joy to a new yarn enthusiast!

Another Frolic in the books. Looking forward to knitting with all my lovely new purchases.