Cast on, place marker, join

With everything, there is a beginning.  I suppose that’s true with a blog as well, a first post to introduce what this is all about.  If you didn’t glean from the title or the header photo, this blog is about one of my passions, knitting, and a little of everything else in between, otherwise known as life.

I began knitting in 2011, simply because I was too cheap (cost conscious?) to pay for a cover to protect my new e-reader.  I was in the store, looking at these, admittedly lovely covers, but thinking to myself, ‘I could make something at a fraction of the cost.’  And so I did.  I bought my first ball of yarn (good ol’ Red Heart Super Saver), and a set of 6mm needles, and slowly I taught myself how to knit.

The first thing I ever knitted, a cover for my e-reader
The first thing I ever knitted, a cover for my e-reader

I still have this e-reader cover, and I love everything about it.  There are the odd rows when I accidentally switched from stockinette to garter, without realizing I did it wrong; I look at those and think they add character.  While the yarn may not be the highest of quality, I still love the colours.  They make me happy.  I love the large button I added, and am proud of the first buttonhole I made.  This cover is a reminder of my stubbornness, my abilities, my dedication, and of how far I have come.


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