J’adore Entrelac

From the first time I tried it, I fell in love with entrelac.  If you haven’t tried this technique yet, I ask why not?

First, what is it?  Entrelac is a technique in knitting where it looks as if the fabric is interlaced.  Appropriately, when translated from French, entrelac means interlaced.  It gives a lovely woven appearance, and it looks as if it’s more difficult than it actually is.  There are fantastic tutorials available on how to go about knitting this technique.

My simply lovely clutch
My simply lovely clutch

My first foray into entrelac came with the above clutch.  I decided to get fancy and use two different yarns for this project (as if learning a new technique wasn’t challenging enough).  It was also a perfect way to use up the last of my Red Heart Super Saver (first yarn I ever bought), and another yarn, which I just can’t remember where or when I bought it.  It knit up surprisingly fast, and a fast project is always satisfying.

Lovely yellow lining adds a pop of colour to the simply lovely clutch
Lovely yellow lining adds a pop of colour to the simply lovely clutch

The project called for the i-cord wristband, but I added the chained loops and buttons to act as a closure.  I also had ‘fun’ (fun used rather loosely), adding a fabric lining using a sewing machine.  Sewing machines and I don’t always see eye to eye.  We have a history.  This was a battle I won, and after a few trial and errors, the lining was added and it adds a fun pop of colour to the inside (and bonus, it is wide enough to fit my phone and a set of keys – only the important items).

I really wish I could have shared the link to this pattern, but when I went to add it, I discovered the link didn’t work.  It was a Seattle Yarn pattern.

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed knitting a ‘garterlac’ washcloth for my sister, garterlac because it is made with the garter stitch.  Lots of knit stitches, no purls. That’s okay in my books.  The pattern I used was from Criminy Jickets, and like the clutch, it was a fast and satisfying project.  I would have loved to share a picture of this, but my sister’s inquisitive kitten decided the washcloth was hers to chew on.

I encourage you, find an entrelac pattern and give it a try!  Surprisingly simple, a fast fun knit.  Allons-y!


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