Finding the right words…

I love knitting.  I’ve started a knitting blog about how much I love it, so clearly, I’m not shy about sharing my passion.  I’m also not the type of gal to shy away from attention.  Exhibit A: I love bright coloured clothing, I wear bold glasses (think Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds), and my hair currently has panels of blue, purple, and teal in it (my BFF and hair dresser extraordinaire was going for a peacock look).  Clearly, not afraid of a little spotlight.  But when it comes to my knitting, there are times that I’m not sure what to say when it gets attention.

I will often knit in public.  Trains, coffee shops, buses, restaurants, all of these are places to knit.  So when I had the chance to see a notable politician speak about his latest book, I arrived early to ensure a good spot, pulled out my e-reader and the Sweet Sweater Dress I was working on for my BFF’s daughter. I know how to keep myself entertained. While working away, knitting in hand, e-reader balanced on my knee, a woman made comment on my multi-tasking, and later, while standing and chatting with my sister, again knitting away at the stockinette pattern, a woman remarked how impressed she was that I wasn’t watching my stitches, just knitting along.  Both times, I found myself at a loss for the right response.  The first one I laughed away, that I couldn’t be as co-ordinated if I was trying to read a real book with pages to turn, and the second, my sister responded, telling her that I’ve always got knitting needles in my hands, it’s second nature to me.

I also have awkward responses to when people compliment my work.  If I’m wearing pieces I’ve made, and I get asked about them, I appreciate the compliments and kind words, but I’m always doubting my responses.  I was once out shopping with my mother while wearing my big slouchy Chateau shawl, which I absolutely adore for a number of reasons.  A lady remarked that she liked my sweater, and I thanked her, but my mother couldn’t resist boasting that I had made it.  I am proud of the Chateau, no doubt, and Mum was proud of it too, or perhaps simply proud of her daughter.

My favourite, slouchy, comfy Chateau Shawl
My favourite, slouchy, comfy Chateau Shawl

Perhaps, my awkwardness and uncertainty comes from being aware of walking the like between being thankful of others’ compliments, and not wanting to come across as boastful.  Am I the only one with these thoughts?  Yeah, probably 🙂


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