Swift Action

My father is pretty amazing.  For Christmas this year, he made me a swift.

Months back, while getting frustrated winding hanks of Berroco Modern Cotton, I mentioned that a swift, or a yarn weasel, would be super helpful with this task.  Dad asked what I was referring to, and I quickly sketched a weasel, something that is simple (very simple if I was able to sketch it!), but effective.  Little did I know, he kept the sketch.

Fast forward to a month or so before Christmas, and my parents asked what I would like, and I said that I would love to receive a ball winder.  I guess this triggered my dad’s memory, and he started doing research on winders, and how one might make a swift.  He spent afternoons at my grandparent’s and uncle’s, working on the swift, cutting and drilling.  He even researched what kind of finish, if any, it should have (the pegs were ultimately left unfinished to prevent any transfer to the yarn).

When I received my gifts on Christmas morning, I was astonished to find out that the professional looking puzzle pieces fit together to become a swift, and that my dad made it himself.  I honestly thought that they bought it.  I tried it out a few days later after a trip to my LYS, and the swift works like a dream.

There is a sense of satisfaction that comes from winding yarn by hand, but the efficiency that the swift provides and the uniformity that comes from a wound yarn ‘cake’, they are unrivaled.

Many, many thanks to my father for his innate awesomeness, for his creativity, and for this wonderful gift that I will treasure for years and years.

Before winding
Before winding
The swift and winder in action!
The swift and winder in action!
The finished, wound ball.
The finished, wound ball.

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