The Calming Side of Knitting

My go to accessory is my knitting bag.  Simple, made of canvas, it is my constant companion, travelling with me to work, my knitting circle, coffee shops; the simple fact of knowing that it is in my car makes me happy.

When I brought it home, my new purchase a few months back, my father looked slightly concerned when he saw the, ahem, controversial message on the bag.

“But you don’t kill people” he scoffed.

“That’s because I knit” I replied.

My beloved knitting accessory
My beloved knitting accessory

Yes, it is certainly an overstatement, but the core of the message is true: knitting keeps me sane.

This is not a novel idea.  There are countless articles about the knitting being a therapeutic art form.  I started knitting 4 years ago simply to learn the craft.  A year later, I went through a tough break up, and knitting, a new-ish activity to me then, gave me something other than the horribleness to focus on.

It is reassuring to know that a series of knits and purls can create something beautiful.  Typically speaking, if you follow a pattern, you know what the outcome will be.  That’s it, just a series of knits and purls.  If I’m feeling nervous about something, I pick up my needles. Anxious? I know that by knitting a few rows, it will help to relax me.  Is it knowing that I am creating? Is it because I have something else to focus my energy on? Is it knowing what the eventual outcome will be? Is it simply that yarn is pretty, and squishy, and assuring?  The answer is all of this and more.  It is hard to truly put my finger on why I love knitting so much, and maybe it is hard because there are so many reasons. The fact that knitting is calming and comforting is just one of them.


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