Earlier this winter, I posted about a Quebec tradition, where a basket of slippers are left by the door, encouraging visitors to remove their heavy winter footwear and exchange them for woolen slippers.  I left that post with the thought that if and when I buy a place of my own, this is a tradition I would adopt.

Well, I guess I have to start knitting more slippers!

A made a very grown-up decision a few weeks back when I put an offer in on a house, and it was accepted!  I now own a small townhouse, and a little part of my hometown’s history.  The townhouses date to the 1910s, and co-incidentally, my grandfather was born in one of them and grew up in that neighbourhood.  These houses have always been special to me for that reason, and now, I am the owner of one!

It’s still bazaar.  I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that I now have a major asset.  Education excluded, I have never made a purchase so large in my 30+ years.  I’m excited and scared and proud and nervous and happy and anxious and so much more.

This is overdue in all honesty.  I have been living with my parents for over three years, having moved back after a relationship fell apart.  If the right house didn’t come up soon, I would have seriously looked into finding a place to rent, an idea I had put off because I’d much rather be paying into a mortgage than into someone else’s pockets.

And this house is the right one.  I first saw it a few years back but didn’t have my ducks in a row and was not quick enough.  This house became the measure against which I judged any other townhome.  When it came on the market about a month ago, I made sure everything was ready to go.  Ducks were all lined up.

I’m a huge local history enthusiast – working for a community museum it’s rather appropriate, don’t you think?  There is a fantastic photograph of the houses being constructed in the 1910s, with the houses merely wooden frames, and the men who are building them posed in front with their work horses and carts alongside.  I plan on enlarging this image and hanging it proudly in my home.

The only question is, how will I be storing my ever growing yarn stash?



*I also have to add, to all the Star Wars aficionados out there, May the Fourth be With You!


2 thoughts on “Adulting”

  1. That’s so exciting! My husband and I bought our first home – a townhouse as well – nearly two years ago, and boy does time fly! I remember how exciting and terrifying it was, and how that whole week of getting everything in order (home inspection, mortgage, lawyer, etc) just went by in such a frenzied haze full of anxiety and anticipation. It’s such a good move though, much better than renting. Now you have something that is YOURS. That the building is connected to your family history makes it all that much more special. Congratulations on the new purchase!


    1. Thank you so much! It has just been a complete roller coaster of excitement then panic then back up again to excitement! I’m at the point where I just can’t wait for everything to be settled!


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