My First Knitting Bag

Two weeks ago, I shared the contents of my knitting bag.  This knitting bag is my go-everywhere, anytime, workhorse of a knitting bag.  I love it, but it is not my first knitting bag love. My first knitting bag is very special to me.

My first knitting bag
My first knitting bag

Many years ago, when I was shakily and diffidently muddling my way through my first project, I told my grandmother that I had taken up the craft.  Not long after that, she presented me with her knitting bag, along with an assortment of yarn.  She was a knitter many years ago but had not picked up her needles for a long time. “If you can use it, then it’s yours,” Grandma said to me, gifting the knitting bag to me. According to my grandmother, the bag was sewn by my great-aunt, Auntie Pat, a woman who in her late 80s is still an active knitter.  The wooden handles were made by my great-grandfather, Grandad Jack.  I was only 6 when he passed away and had only met him twice in my young life, but I have very fond memories of him.  I remember his garden in England, and I remember him teaching me the rhyme ‘Little Jack Horner,’ a nursery rhyme that holds a special place in my heart.

My needle roll from my grandmother
My needle roll from my grandmother

Along with the knitting bag, Grandma also passed along her collection of knitting needles, complete with a needle roll case, also sewn by Auntie Pat.  For a beginner knitter, the difference in British needle sizing and American needles was incredibly confusing! This knitting bag does not see a lot of action, but it holds a treasured place in my collection of knitting paraphernalia.


2 thoughts on “My First Knitting Bag”

    1. Thank you! It’s the things that have special meaning that are truly important! It may not get used very often, but it is treasured


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