Keep Calm and Knit On

This is the big week, folks.  After months of preparing, negotiating, stressing, packing, stressing, phone calling, form filling, stressing, organizing, and, oh yeah, stressing, the week has finally arrived.

I get possession of my house this Thursday.  My parent’s living room has been taken over by boxes, and totes, and random bags filled with kitchen items, movies, books (my book collection always seems to surprise me), and my bedroom is also being consumed with boxes and odds and ends.  I’ve packed away most of my yarn, leaving what I’ll need for the shawl I started last week.  Every so often, I’m hit with the urge to knit a particular project, and last week, I NEEDED to start a shawl.  But I digress.

It’s such a surreal feeling, and I’m still filled with stress and doubts, but I’m also very much looking forward to moving into my own place, regaining a sense of independence.

In a time when I am filled with such stress, I’ve naturally turned to my needles, and I FINALLY finished the Sontag last night, while also finishing the newly released third season of Orange is the New Black.  The reassurance of knitting and the humour from this amazing show helped keep my mind off the big life moment happening later this week.

It will all work out.  Everything always does.  In one way or another, it will work out.

I was able to have my awesome co-worker take a few pictures of me in my newly finished Sontag (link to the project on my Rav.).  We snapped these photos in the house we have displayed as a traditional Victorian home.  The house is exhibited c. 1865, and the house itself is believed to be built c. 1840.  The dress I’m wearing I also made, that time with the assistance of my grandmother.

Sontag, from the back
Sontag, from the back
Sontag, front view
Sontag, front view
Sontag, from the side
Sontag, from the side
Trying to capture the detail of the basketweave texture
Trying to capture the detail of the basketweave texture

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