Inspiration Wanted…

I did not post last week.  Monday came and went, and I did not write.  Tuesday was a busy afternoon, and even if I wanted to, I did not have the chance to write.  By Wednesday, I sat at my laptop, perused Ravelry, but was left with a lack of inspiration, so, once again, I did not write.

I feel compelled to write something pithy, something with substance.  Even if I was to share my progress on current projects, I wouldn’t have much to contribute because on the knitting front, I’m barely dedicating an hour a day to it.  I’m slowly but surely working away at the pillowcase for my couch.  It’s certainly coming along, and now that I’m in the home stretch to the project, maybe I’ll be more inspired to keep on knitting.

I also have sock on my needles, and I was able to plug away at them while travelling to Toronto on Friday night.  Happy colours, happy project, but I’m feeling oh so blah about it all.

Hermione's Everyday Socks, WIP
Hermione’s Everyday Socks, WIP

So long story short, I’m a 30yo female seeking inspiration. Must be bright, colourful, and offer new and exciting challenges. Crochet projects need not apply. Looking for a creative ‘spark!’


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Wanted…”

  1. I like the “hot right now” pattern search on Ravelry as well as checking out what my friends have favourited or queued. It’s surprising what passes you by. Nice sock btw!


    1. I love that every day, I find something new to explore on Ravelry! I’ll quite often check out what my friends have been working on, but I’ve never looked at the ‘hot right now’ tab! Thanks!


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