Product vs. Process

They say there are two types of knitters: the product knitter or the process knitter.  The process knitter is the person who knits for the pure process of it all, creating knit stitch after knit stitch, purl after purl.  These knitters quite frequently gift their finished objects because the enjoyment has come from the process of creating.

I am not this kind of knitter.

The project knitter is driven by the finished object, the desire to see the object upon its completion, and most frequently these knitters keep their FOs for wearing and enjoyment.  This is me.  While I love seeing the object take shape and get joy from seeing my magic needles create something from nothing, ultimately, I am driven to finish the object so it will be complete.  I feel my impatience wearing on me while knitting 72 rounds of a sock leg – 72 rounds!! Just to get to the heel flap!! I so desperately want to finish the sock, even though we are in the middle of a heat snap in southern Ontario and the need for socks is at a yearly low, but dammit the pinks and blues just look so lovely that I want them finished!  I finished the first Hermione Sock last weekend, and I have not been hit by second-sock-itis because the product knitter in me wants to see this pair complete.

Process knitters will often have numerous projects on the go, eagerly casting on because of the excitement of creating something new.  The flip side is that a product knitter, driven by the FO, will likely have fewer WIPs.  Right now, I have the Hermione Sock, the beginnings of a new pillowcase, and a pair of slippers.  I need a few projects on the go because of my, ahem, limited attention span, but the slippers are a great example of me being driven by the product.  While knitting round after round for the sock leg, I needed a change, so I grabbed two complementary coloured yarns, 6.5mm needles and I knit slipper 1 of 2.  I needed a quick project to give me the satisfaction of finishing something.  There is no doubt about it: I am a product driven knitter.

Which kind of knitter are you?

product vs process

PS – wishing a very happy Civic Monday, Simcoe Day, Col By Day, McLaughlin Day, Brant Day, whatever your town calls it!  For any Canadian readers out there, I hope you enjoy the holiday Monday!

8 thoughts on “Product vs. Process”

  1. I first heard about the differences in June, and I am definitely a project knitter, and I too have a few wips at any given time due to attention span haha. I like FOs! Although I do gift a lot, I still love seeing those finished.

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  2. This is interesting. I have never heard about this before 🙂
    I think I am a product driven knitter. I have one WIP at a time, and love wearing things that I made. It makes me feel a little bit too selfish, so sometimes I had to knit something for my husband too. 🙂

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    1. I have a friend and she is am adamant “process knitter” so I heard it from her first. It’s certainly an interesting concept 🙂
      Thanks for reading!


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