Not Feeling the Gratitude

There is a story behind these socks.

I was in one of my LYSs, over eight months ago, and my attention was grabbed by an eye popping yarn: Wisdom Yarn’s Naked Socks in the Oceanic colourway.  It’s blue, it’s green, it’s teal, it’s oh-so-me.  It is also 93% acrylic, but it is soft and silky!  I had to buy it, so buy it I did.

Wisdom Yarns Naked Sock - Oceanic colourway.
Wisdom Yarns Naked Sock – Oceanic colourway.

By this point, I was a novice sock maker (not that I’m anything of an expert now!), having only made 2 or three plain ol’ ‘vanilla socks: no patterning, no lace, just a simple rib, at the top, heel flap and turn, and stockinette in between.  But with this yarn, the Naked Socks yarn, I wanted more.  Inspired by the colours and colourway name, I wanted a sock pattern that would remind me of the sea.  Think waves, think breeze; I began searching for a sock pattern with lace and/or cables.  Then I found Gratitude.

This ‘Tangy’ sock pattern was originally published in Knitty, the wonderful online knitting magazine, designed by Brenda Patipa.  Drawn in by the picture on the Ravelry pattern page, I knew this was the sock pattern for this yarn.  After buying the right size needles (remember, novice sock knitter with only size 3mm), I cast on.  The date was November 6.

Between the beginning of November and the beginning of August I had knit only 40 rows.  I have hundreds of excuses for my inactivity: Christmas knits, the sweater I wanted to make, knit commissions, presents for beloved friends.  I know the real reason though: I just didn’t wanna do it!  It’s not the pattern’s fault, for it is a beautiful, well written pattern with clear charts.  I couldn’t motivate myself to sit and knit and pay attention to the rows.  It was ignored by my own sheer laziness.

Finally, after finishing my Hermione Everyday Socks, I was on a sock-knitting roll, and I wanted to keep the good times coming.  I heaved a heavy sigh, looking into my yarn storage and found the Gratitude socks.  I pushed past my hesitation, picked up the needles, and started knitting.

Last Monday was a holiday for many of us here in Canada, so Monday morning I settled in with a coffee, Law & Order SVU and the Gratitude socks.  This time, everything was different, for the slips and yarn overs were happening so easily! Before I knew it, I must have knitted 6 rows with great ease!  And then, I noticed it… A dropped stitch many rows back… With the cables, decreases and yarn overs in this pattern, I could not see a way to fix this mistake.  So I took a deep breath, choked back the tears, and started frogging.  Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.


And then I cast on…

Fast forward four days, and the leg is knit, measuring around 5″.  I began the heel pattern and thought, ‘This would be a great time to try the sock on, see how it’s fitting.’  Might I add, as I kept knitting, my hesitation and nervousness about the size kept increasing – they looked rather narrow…

And that was as far as it would go.  There was no going over the heel...
And that was as far as it would go. There was no going over the heel…

My nerves were well placed.  It took everything in me not to cry/throw the damned project across the room.  I’m putting the socks in a permanent time out – I can’t even look at them to frog it back again.

So, on Thursday night, I broke out another set of DPNs, and I began a Vanilla Sock.


2 thoughts on “Not Feeling the Gratitude”

  1. The yarn is lovely. Hopefully you can proceed forward with it at a later date. I had to rip out way too much on a shawl I am making. Now I can’t even bring myself to pick it back up!


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