Get busy living, or get busy dyeing: A post about dyeing yarn

Okay, so I MIGHT have mis-quoted Stephen King, but the quote works much better for my purposes this way.¹

It turns out yarn dyeing is a LOT of fun!

Rows of dye
Rows of dye

Last week, I went with a friend from my knitting circle to a yarn dyeing workshop.  It was held at a local art studio, and the Yarn Enabler introduced us to the fun world of yarn dyeing.  She explained some basic science behind dyeing and explained the materials she brought along, then essentially said, have fun.  Amanda and I looked at each other, and eventually dove right in!  It’s a little overwhelming for your first time to say ‘have fun,’ but we got there!

Three shades of grey, and one shade of teal

I’m not afraid of colour.  I typically gravitate towards bright colours of yarn, and teal is one of my favourites.  It should serve as no surprise that I ended up dyeing my yarn in hues of teal and grey.  I was so very happy with how it turned out.  That wasn’t the only skein I dyed – my second skein was pinks, blues, and purples.  As I said, not afraid of colour and once again, the yarn and colours make me just so happy! I’m rather easily amused with the simple things of life.

My finished yarn.
My finished yarn.

I’m not sure what my yarn is destined to be.  One will likely become a cowl, because what else to make with lovely DK cashmere and merino yarn? Once I cast something on, I’ll be sure to share!

¹The original quote from Mr. King is: Get busy living, or get busy dying.  I think I like it better my way.


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