The Whole New World of 9″ Circular Needles

In our knitting circle, Amanda is known as the sock knitting queen. She’s hard core. Every time we see her, it feels like she’s working on yet another new pair of socks, and she’s fast! In the time it would take me to knit the cuff, she’s already turned the heel to sock #2. Second sock syndrome isn’t a concern to our resident sock knitting queen. She slays.

Naturally, if I have burning sock-related questions, I’ll turn to her, as I did a week or so ago when I wanted to venture out of the world of DPNs and try knitting socks on a 9″ circular needle, Amanda’s preferred method for making socks. I’m taking a trip in just a few short weeks, and I felt knitting socks on circs would be easier on a plane than with DPNs. I’m extremely clumsy and I know I would be that person on the plane who would drop the needle and it would inevitably roll 10 rows behind me. I didn’t want to be that person, so based on Amanda’s highly informed opinion, I bought two sets of 9″ circular needles, one 2.25mm (US Size 1), and one 2.5mm (US Size 2.5).

Man, are these suckers tiny!

A little blurry, but the quarter is for scale!
A little blurry, but the quarter is for scale!

I always have a pair of socks on my needles, despite my love/hate relationship with sock knitting. It’s the perfect transportable project, stored in a small cosmetic bag, it can be thrown into my purse and it’s with me whenever I have a few minutes to knit a few stitches.  I was about 10 rows away from finishing the leg of a sock when I bought the circs; hardly containing my excitement, I switched needles at my first chance.

One of Amanda’s strongest arguments for the 9″ circs was the fact that you didn’t have to keep switching needles, which can be a time consuming and aggravating part of sock knitting. She was right on this front, it certainly is a more fluid and consistent method for knitting round after round.  However, I don’t think I was adequately prepared for how awkward and foreign these needles would feel in my hands. For my first few rounds, it almost felt like I was re-teaching myself how I should be holding my project and the left needle.  The last time I felt this unsure with needles in my hand was likely when I was learning to knit with double pointed needles for the first time.

In the round
In the round

Over 40 rounds later, the needles feel more natural in my hands, and the rounds are knitting very quickly, so quickly in fact that I might not have been too careful to note which round I was on, resulting in some tinking to correct some errors!

I’m quite happy with my purchase of 9″ circulars, and to anyone pondering these tiny wonders, I would recommend taking the plunge and buying a set! Be ready though, they take some getting used to!

Happy knitting!


7 thoughts on “The Whole New World of 9″ Circular Needles”

  1. I *love* my 9 inch circs. I have a good collection of them. Sadly, the wreak havoc with my wrists and have sent me to physio more than once, so I am back to DPNs.


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