The Pressure is on for Holiday Knitting!

It’s happened.  It’s November.  For knitters, this is a great season, because I rarely leave the house without something woolen to keep me warm! My fingers are kept warm by my favourite wrist warmers, and my Fourth Doctor Scarf is getting well worn (as it should!), as are other favourite scarves and cowls. Out from ‘retirement’ from the warm summer weather, this is the time for yarn-laden loveliness to shine, and so it does.  However, this is also the time of the year that my needles get little rest, for I am deep into gift knitting!

With the calendar month changing, panic is starting to sink in.  How on earth am I going to get everything that I need to get done, actually done?  Of the 6+ gifts I’m working away at, only one is complete.  This is not a great stat.  As I always do, I’m loving the process of creating, the feel of the yarn, and the great sense of satisfaction of watching my project grow, round after round and row after row, but as I knit and purl, I am feeling a slight sense of anxiety with every stitch: knit faster!! Keep going!! Go, go, go!!  It will all come together, as it always does, but staring down the barrel of 52 day clock, the pressure is certainly on!

A glimpse at the latest project I have cast on
A glimpse at the latest project I have cast on

Holiday knitting check-in: How are your gifts coming along?

Happy knitting (now excuse me, I must return to my latest WIP)!


5 thoughts on “The Pressure is on for Holiday Knitting!”

  1. Honestly I havemt started on my gift list….. terrible! I haven’t even realized the time is against me…now reading this….oooooooh my yarn balls!!!! May we all finish our projects!

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