Oh Those December Days

Eighteen days people. The pressure is most certainly on! I very happily cast off my latest project, and after 360 rows, I’m rather happy to see it pinned on my blocking boards! For me, this means three gifts have been lovingly completed, and three are still on my needles. This weekend, I looked at my coffee table, which was completely covered in yarn, different colours, different fibres, but where ever I turned, there was yarn attached to needles! I’m very excited for January when I can share all of these projects that have been keeping me rather busy.

No harm in a little sneak peek!

In other news, winter has found us in southern Ontario! The snow has fallen once, but has yet to stick around, and the temperatures are slowly but steadily dropping. My favourite knits are being put to use, and one is foolish to leave the comforts of home without at least a scarf and mitts. The snow first fell a few weekends ago, the Sunday right after I returned from Florida. It truly was a cold Canadian welcome home, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


With eighteen days, how are your holiday knits coming along? Are you knitting for yourself or are you gift knitting?



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