A Weekly Update

I don’t think my needles have stopped moving all week! I’ve barely just put them down to write this post! At the start of last week, I was on a roll. Monday, finished a gift; Tuesday, finished a gift; Wednesday, yes you guessed it, I cast off a third object! Three projects in three days, complete.  My largest project, the one I’ve been working on since September, is still very much a work in progress, and the recipient might receive it by the beginning of March. I knew that would be the project to spoil my perfect week!

After completing so many gifts, I was anxious to start something selfish, something for me.  I’ve also been aching to use the yarn I dyed a few months back. It’s as if it was sitting on the shelf, silently tempting me. On Thursday, I found the perfect pattern to match its happy colours: Braidsmaid by Martina Behm.  She is the same designer who created the ever popular Hitchhiker shawl.  Her patterns are beautiful, and Braidsmaid ended up being a reasonable price, even after the currency conversion.  I cast on as soon as I got home from work, and it is slowly growing, the centre braid becoming more pronounced. I love it.

Braidsmaid, in progress.  The orange lifeline is for if/when I lose the game of yarn chicken I’m currently playing

After a glorious weekend of selfish knits and purls, gift knitting has resumed. Not only am I happy to see these objects taking shape, but I cannot wait to see the looks on faces on Christmas morning!

Back at it.  Happy knitting everyone!


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