Christmas Round-Up #2 – Short and Sweet Projects

Some holidays knits were months worth of work, some required thought, planning, and charting, like my brother’s Argos Hat, while with others I turned the brain off, followed the pattern, and completed the objects fairly quickly. All were labours of love and I was so happy to make them for people I love.  Today, I’m showcasing the fast and finished objects, or as I’m dubbing them, the Short and Sweets

For my grandparents, their gifts fall into Short and Sweet category. Grandma asked for a pair of fingerless gloves (as they keep her hands warm while her fingers are still free), and Grandad received a watchman’s cap (or as Grandma asked for, “a hat that won’t make your grandfather look like a pixie and stick up on his head”).

PicMonkey Collage
Fingerless mitts and a proper tuque

Both of these projects knit up very quickly.  I love the yarn I used for both – Grandma’s mitts were made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky, and Grandad’s hat with Berroco Ultra Alpaca.  Apparently I was in an alpaca mood for my grandparents, but then, how can you not love alpaca?  The mitts are the Fast and Fearless Fingerless Mitts, a pattern that truly lives up to its name, and the hat is ChemKnit’s Generic SkullCap. This is the same basic hat as Brother’s Argos hat, and I love the way the top finishes with a swirl, so I knew it would be a great pattern for Grandad.  I modified mine by making the ribbing longer so that it could have a folded brim.

My best friend has twins, and I love being able to shop for gifts for them. It’s so much fun buying clothes and toys for mini-humans. She said that they needed PJs, so PJs they received, but what set of PJs would be complete without matching slippers? I didn’t get pictures of them, but I made the twinkles each a pair of Aunt Maggie’s Slippers in colours that would match their new jammies. I’ve made the adult sizes countless times, and the child sizes came together surprisingly fast.

The last project I’m featuring in this Short and Sweet round-up is the scarf I made for my mother. It technically isn’t a short and sweet project because it was in the works for a month and a half, but besides loving the pattern and loving the yarn, there isn’t much to remark about it. The pattern was compliments of a yarn company based in Mississauga, Dye Version, after I bought two skeins from them at the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic, and the yarn was bought in Waterloo during my day there with my sister. It’s Cascade Yarns Avalon Multis, a lovely sturdy cotton, and as soon as I saw the colours I knew this yarn was destined to be something for my mother. She loved the scarf, loved the cotton, and as I intuitively knew, she loved the colours.



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