Christmas Round-Up #4 – THE Sweater

Saturday was a good day, knitting wise.  I cast off the final stitches and seamed together THE sweater. I’ve been working on this sweater since mid-September, according to my Ravelry project page, and after four-and-a-half months, it feels great to be finished!

I knew I wanted to gift my father a sweater for Christmas.  Dad has a large hand-knit sweater that was commissioned by my grandfather, and Dad acquired it after Grandpa passed away.  Dad wears this sweater all the time as it helps fend off the cool Canadian weather.  He loves this sweater, and I knew he would appreciate another hand knit sweater.  In the past, I’ve made him two scarves and two hats, and all are well worn and well loved.  Dad is definitely on the ‘knit worthy’ list, so in September, I bought the yarn, found the pattern, and cast on!

The pattern is Pub Crawler Men’s Sweater by Jennifer Hagan.  This lovely pattern can be found in the book Son of a Stitch ‘n’ Bitch.  I used just over 8 skeins of Cascade 220 in knitting the sweater, and I am so glad I bought an extra skein than what the pattern called for.  The size I made calls for 8, and I needed that ninth skein. This was my go-to project for weeks, picking it up and knitting a few rows here and there whenever I could.

The finished, blocked cables – the yarn is actually green, not beige like the picture shows…

The cables on this project truly shine.  Cables are such a simple technique but they look so complicated and intricate that they always grab my eye and I love them so.

I FINALLY gave my father the sweater yesterday afternoon, however, it was still a little damp and needed a few more hours of blocking to be properly finished, so I don’t yet have a photo of him wearing the sweater, but once I do, I’ll be sure to share.

And with that, my holiday gift-giving knits are wrapped up!*

*Please keep reading this blog even after that terrible gift/wrapped up pun.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Round-Up #4 – THE Sweater”

  1. Yippee for finished sweaters!! I am still 2 pieces away for the finishing on my cabled sweater. And still missing that cable needle! The one I am using in stead is for a bulky yarn and is not smooth cabling as I go. I may have to tear apart the entire knitting niche to find it, or the dog got it and it has been consumed. I guess I just need to go cable needle shopping? LOL


    1. My vote is for buying a new set – they’ll get used (and then likely lost 😉 ) and it will save more time for knitting those cables!


    1. Thank you! I was very happy with how they turned out, despite the constant ‘twist’ stitches. They can get a little tiresome over time!


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