How Challenging!

Don’t you just love a good challenge? Whether it’s trying out a new technique (I’m coming for you one day steeking), playing a good ol’ fashioned game of yarn chicken, or casting on your largest project ever, challenging ourselves is how we grow and improve as knitters, and it adds an element of fun (and sometimes stress) to our works in progress.

This is one of the many reasons I love one of my LYSs.  Soper Creek Yarn has started their 8th annual Yarn Challenge – they pick the yarn and the knitter chooses what they make with it.  I’ve followed this challenge for many years, and this is my first year buying the kit and taking part.  The colours are bright and Spring-like, and I’m excited to pick the pattern and get knitting!


I have 90 grams of Diamond Luxury Collection, Worsted/Aran weight, and I can buy more if I need to.  I’m going to see what I can create with just the 90 grams.

The end result of the challenge – returning our item which will be displayed in the front window and voted on.  First place will get a $30 gift certificate, and second and third will get $15 certificates.  Because of the voting, Social Media silence is strongly encouraged, and I bet that extends to blogs too, so I’ll be sharing my finished object later in March! Stay tuned!

While winning bragging rights and a gift certificate would be awesome, I’m simply excited to be taking part, challenging myself, working with beautiful new yarn in amazing colours. Here we go!


5 thoughts on “How Challenging!”

    1. I love all the local shops! I bought the last kit and I’m super excited to return my finished object!
      Next time you’re back we should go yarn shopping


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