Like a Knitting MacGyver

Last week, I travelled into Toronto for a conference.  I planned my trip so that I took transit (good thing because of all the snow we got that day!), and I was sure to bring my latest WIP along with me, a pair of mittens for my sister. I had the yarn, needles, and pattern. I was ready to get to work on these bad boys.

About 20 minutes and a number of rounds into the journey, the pattern said to ‘place marker,’ a fairly standard direction when making a thumb gusset.  Clearly, when I packed what I needed for the day, the knitting brain didn’t get packed because I didn’t think about bringing stitch markers.  Ever resourceful, I found the end of the yarn, tore (because I didn’t think to bring scissors either) off two short lengths, tied the ends and made myself impromptu markers. I’m awesome, I thought.

I read ahead a few rounds, where the directions inevitably call for the stitches between the markers to be placed on holders.  Not so awesome, I thought, because while I had waste yarn, I didn’t have a needle for threading the stitches through.  I searched my conference stuff, and no paper clip was found.  Future Me can deal with this, I thought, and kept knitting.  I reached the point where the stitches had to be removed and had a realization – I had bobby pins! I took one from my purse, mangled it, slipped the stitches off, mangled it back, and used a second pin to secure the first. It held those stitches perfectly until I was ready to pick them up again to knit the thumb.

I think I need to create a mini knitting emergency kit for my purse, which includes markers and needles….

What have you used in a pinch for notions? Do you have a knitting kit that travels with you?


The finished mittens. Worth a little fiddling with less than ideal notions!

4 thoughts on “Like a Knitting MacGyver”

  1. Excellent idea! I have numerous Chibi cases and can easily put a needle, markers, and a needle key for my Knitter’s Pride needles in one. Slip it into my purse, my knitting bag, my knitting basket, etc, and I am good!


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