Soper Creek’s Yarn Challenge

A few weeks ago, I posted about one of my LYSs hosting a Yarn Challenge, a truly engaging and inspiring idea.  They pick the yarn, you buy the yarn, you create with the yarn, they display your creation, and people vote for their favourites!


Well, I finished my project a few weeks ago, and voting ended a few days ago, so I can now share my project!



For the challenge, kits were prepared with 90 grams of Diamond Luxury Tradition, Worsted/Aran weight, although participants could have bought more if needed.  I used almost all the white from my kit and still had quite a bit of blue and green left over.

The pattern was Fake Isle Hat, which gave me a chance to TRULY try my hand at stranded colourwork.  Main colour was thrown with the right and contrast colours were clumsily held with the left.  I truly felt like a knitting pro when I was shaping the crown, two strands being worked over four DPNs. How I didn’t end up in a big ol’ tangled mess, I’ll never know!

I loved this yarn. I loved knitting with it, I loved the colours, I loved the contrast with the colourwork. Ultimately, and maybe the saddest thing for a selfish knitter, is that the hat is just a little bit too small for my head. I’ll try stretching it a little more, because it truly will be a great hat for early springtime, and the thought of parting with it breaks my heart a little because I do love the colours and I’m proud of the colourwork.


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