Bye, Baby Bunting

I met S. in university, our first day.  In our residence, our floor had 20 or so girls living on it, and on the first afternoon, we went around the circle and all introduced ourselves, where we’re from and what we were studying. It was an overwhelming day, with move in, saying goodbye to the fam, and meeting all of these new faces.

After a few short weeks, we got to know each other and we became friends.  This was almost 13 years ago.  After undergrad (where we spent many days studying, drinking coffees, talking about the important things you do in university, and many nights at various pubs, doing as most students do), she went on to graduate school, and I moved home and started working, returning to college a few short years later.  Even after all this time, S. is one of those people that I’m able to pick up with right away, as if no time has past, as if we just saw each other hours before in the Concourse.  I consider myself truly lucky to have such a great friendship with her, and to have such an easy yet lasting friendship.

S. got married in late 2013, and in early January 2016, a few of us Uni friends got together for brunch and S. shared her wonderful news, that she was expecting a baby! She’s not the first in our group of friends to have a baby, but she’s my closest of those friends, and she’s the first expectant friend since I’ve delved into the knitting addiction hobby. Once she told us the news, I started planning what I could make for her and her little one. Enter, the bunting bag.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
Diamond Bunting by Berroco; front (l) and back (r); the colour is more teal than is showing up in the picture!

I teased at this project a few weeks ago, but here it is, finished and ready for gifting. It is a Berroco pattern, made with Berroco Weekend DK (a wonderful acrylic/cotton blend). When I found the pattern on Ravelry, I fell in love with the intricate cables and textures of it. I must have cable amnesia for I must have forgot how cables and leaning stitches can perhaps become a little tedious after many, many row repeats. Tedious or not, I loved the finish product. The cables and leans are totally worth it for the end result, and S. loved the bunting bag, which more than anything, is the important part.


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