When the yarn makes you look better than you are

I’m making very fast work of my latest pair of socks. Like, much faster than I normally do.  I brought this pair to a few knitting circles last week, and at both, I kept receiving compliments that I’m not sure that I necessarily deserve, for the yarn truly makes me look better than I am.

Isn’t is just gorgeous?

The yarn is Regia Viva Colour, and if you’ve read any other posts of mine, you know I love teal and other bright and bold colours.  It’s self striping (well, patterning with bold stripes), and the stripes and colours truly make the sock.

The yarn and its colours are the stars, I’m just helping them shine.

Happy Monday everyone!

*If you’re curious, the pattern is called Petty Harbour – as a HUGE Great Big Sea/Alan Doyle fan, the pattern name really appealed to me; the fact that it’s a beautiful texture is an added bonus!


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