Ugh… Ladders…

Knitters, you know what I’m talking about. I don’t mean the very helpful devise for reaching things too high up:


I have nothing against these ladders.

I’m talking about these bad boys right here:


I consider myself a fairly experienced knitter. Sure, there are things that throw me for a loop sometimes (knitting pun unintentional, just a very happy coincidence), but I’m proud of my skills and what I can do with sticks and string. And then, every so often, a project comes along that keeps me humble – these mittens is one such pattern.

A volunteer at my Museum came to me and asked me to make her a pair of mittens, and in exchange this very talented sewer will make me a few accessories to go with my costume. A very fair trade and I happily accepted.  I bought the amazing yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca, cream in colour), cast on to my DPNs and started knitting. And then they started. The ladders. Those cursed ladders. Regardless of how I was snugging the yarn before the start of each needle, they just kept coming, and in my mind, getting worse with each round.

I turned to the Ravelry community and their oh-so helpful forums for advise, and ultimately, I dashed out to my LYS and bought circular needles with a very short cable. Frogged, cast on, and away I went.


Now, I’m happy.


4 thoughts on “Ugh… Ladders…”

  1. Ladders are the worst! My grandmother told me that one way to try and get rid of them is to pull snugly when you knit the second stitch in, rather than the first! And usually this actually works! (another thing to try is ktbl the first stitch – makes it extra tight)

    Either way these look beautiful!


    1. A few people on Rav said to do the same thing, but by that point I was uber frustrated with them and they were frogged in favour of using a circ. I’ll keep it in mid for the next time I’m being driven crazy by ladders!
      And thanks. I’m happy with how they’ve come along 🙂

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