Why I Haven’t Been Blogging (and other excuses)

The past few Mondays have come and gone, and my blog has been silent. I try to share something on Mondays, once a week, so that a) I’ll have something new to share, and b) your feed doesn’t get filled with continual posts by me. But the past few Mondays, I’ve thought how I need to sit and write, but I just haven’t followed through.

A few reasons for this:

I don’t have anything novel to share. I’m knitting, sure, but right now my needles are busy with a pair of yoga socks and my slowly but surely coming along sockhead hat. Both are projects that will keep me busy for quite a number of days, but I want to share more than just the projects making their way along, row by row.


I’ve been working a lot. This is our busy season, as the weather gets nice and people are looking to get outside and do new things. We’ve had a lot of weekend activities as well, so most days find me thinking about and sharing just how fantastic my community’s history is.

I’ve been reading. Have I shared yet how much I love my e-reader? Literally hundreds of books at my fingertips! From past experience, I’ve found I can knit AND read with my e-reader, stopping knitting every so often to touch to turn the page. This is good for simple, mindless projects, but for some that require more attention to the pattern, knitting while reading can be a distraction, and I’ve truly enjoyed losing myself in a good story. Also, I’m way behind in my Goodreads 2016 challenge. I need to get on this. (I’m rather competitive, even if only against myself! Step it up, me.)

So, there you have it. A few of the sad excuses why I haven’t been blogging.  I’ll do my best to find inspiration and be back next week.


2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Been Blogging (and other excuses)”

  1. Have you read anything good lately? I’m trying to get ahead on my Goodreads challenge so I’m not scrambling in December like I was last year!


    1. I really enjoyed Girl on the Train. A very good read, and I JUST re-read Animal Farm, the first time since Grade 9. If you haven’t read that book in a while, I’d recommend revisiting it!

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