A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

I’ve been a bad blogger again. Another post, days late… and here comes another excuse: my life is now controlled by a blinking light on my wrist, aka, my Fitbit. You don’t realize how sedentary you’ve become until you have something that shows you exactly how many steps you take (or, well, don’t take…).  And let’s be honest here, knitting isn’t exactly an active hobby (oh, but I love it so!).

Because of this constant reminder, I’ve been walking more and truly loving it. I get out on my lunch and take advantage of the fact that I work in a beautiful park on a lakeshore. I’m also walking in the evening and exploring my neighbourhood.  I live in an older part of my city, and every night, I take a slightly different route. What if I turned right instead of left? What if I walked longer to the next street north? What if I take the trail path rather than follow the streets?

One night, while enamored with my surroundings, I took pictures along the way of what I found interesting. I hope you do too.

Found on a random lawn – it makes me smile every time I pass it
Lovely line of trees in this small parkette
This park may have been one of my favourite discoveries – it feels out of place where I found it, but perhaps that’s why I like it so much
Now why, oh why, was this beautiful brick house ever covered with that ugly mint green siding?? 
Semi-detatched housing is a common sight; this three unit attached structure isn’t. They are three different houses with unique numbers, but to see a building like this isn’t common. Along with my archivist friend, we were able to date these to 1927-8.
Finally, my front door. Because, of course I have a yarn wreath hanging out front…

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