My Least Favourite Project

Last week, I blogged about my favourite projects, inspired by the 30 Day Challenge, created by Knitting in Wonderland. It was hard to pick my favourite project that I’ve completed over the 5+ years I’ve been knitting, but when Knitting in Wonderland asked on Day 7 what is your least favourite project, I didn’t hesitate.

Blogisphere, meet the Moon Socks.


Okay, context. Yes, the finished slippers look great, and my sister loved them when I gave them to her for Christmas 2013, but when I gave them to her, I swore I would never make that pattern again.

Rewind to 2013. I’m knitting fairly frequently, but I wouldn’t have called myself a ‘Capital K Knitter’ like I am today. At that time, it was a hobby. I would knit, but I wasn’t a Knitter.  I wanted to make my sister a pair of slippers for Christmas, and when I stumbled across this pattern, I thought ‘How unique! How stylish! Don’t they look warm! Sister will love them!’

I downloaded the free pattern (here’s the link to my project page, but don’t say I didn’t warn you). I started knitting.  Perhaps it was my inexperience, still relatively new to knitting in the round, still learning to become fluent in knitting pattern lingo, but as I knit all I could think of is how terrible of a written pattern it was. Picking up the stitches for the foot was one of the worst things I’ve had to muddle my way through, and as I knit, I found that I was constantly checking lengths against my own foot because the lengths they suggested/rounds to repeat didn’t work out.

If any good came from this project, besides the intended recipient loving her slippers, is that because of this project, I started my faithful habit of my knitting journals. My journals are a kind of scrapbook/smashbook that I cut and paste patterns in, use to take notes as I’m knitting along, or I keep notes on patterns I’m improvising on the fly.  I had to keep notes while making these (insert negative adjective) slippers, and the habit has stuck.  Three journals later, and I have found them to be an irreplaceable resource to me.

PicMonkey Collage
I’d be lost without this journal!

So there you have it. My least favourite project: the Moon Socks.


5 thoughts on “My Least Favourite Project”

    1. Thanks! It’s a convenient place to store all of my patterns. I’ ve remade several patterns (my sockhead hat is a great example, I’m making my third so far!), I just have to go back to that journal and everything is there.

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