Caffeinate and Insulate

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a coffee-a-holic.

I love coffee, and my love may have crept into the domain of slight addiction.  Rarely a day goes by without me enjoying at least one (okay, four) cups of coffee. A few weeks back, feeling extraordinarily stressed about an upcoming museum event, I didn’t have my morning coffee and told my coworkers this.  My lack of coffee was indicative to them of just how stressed I was.  Basically, coffee=stuff of life.


I’m pretty sure Lorelai Gilmore is my Spirit Animal.

I love nothing better on a weekend morning than making a large pot of coffee in my coffee press and spending my morning leisurely drinking coffee and watching procedural cop shows. With the weather turning cool (oh, how I love fall), I noticed that I just couldn’t drink my coffee fast enough before it became cold.  Ever the problem solver, I turned to Ravelry.

Caffeinate, Coffee Press Cozy – Photo ©Heathcote Road

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know I’m a Whovian. I love Doctor Who and all things iconic of it.  I’ve knit the Fourth Doctor Scarf, made wristwarmers based on the scarf, and I happily keep my e-reader in a TARDIS knit cozy.  A Dalek inspired coffee press cozy is a natural marrying of two of my loves, three if you count the fact that I am knitting it.

Here is my progress so far, after working on it on and off for an afternoon:

These bobbles may be the death of me, but my goodness, the wool will help keep my coffee warm, and the fact that it’s a Dalek makes me all sorts of happy. The Daleks, in case you’ve never encountered one before, naturally strike fear into those who hear their robotic voices shriek ‘EXTERMINATE,’ the enemy of the Doctor and a cold, careless creature who believe that the Daleks are superior over everything else. The metal exterior is protection for the Dalek who lives inside it, a tentacle covered merciless alien.


I’m using Cascade 220 that was left over from making my Dad’s sweater. Nice and warm indeed.

Happy knitting!



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