In The Rounds: Rewind!!

As I posted about earlier this month, a blog called Knitting in Wonderland created the 30 Day Knitting Challenge, where they created 30 questions to act as ‘journal prompts.’ I blogged about my favourite projects (there were several) and my least favourite (of which there is one… ugh). While reading through the list of questions, I realized many of these I had covered in previous blog posts, so today is a rewind, looking at previous posts to answer some of the questions asked by Knitting in Wonderland.

Day 1: What was your first finished project? & Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

I touched on both of these with my first blog post Cast on, place marker, join. I didn’t delve into the learning process because the story isn’t that interesting – I learned through watching Youtube videos. That’s it. There are so many great resources available online.

The first thing I ever knitted, a cover for my e-reader

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

I shared a picture of my yarn storage when I first moved into my house in June 2015: Work In Progress.


Day 20: Do you knit in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

Why, yes, I do knit in public. All the time! And I’ve blogged about it here: Isn’t Everyday Knit In Public Day? WWKIP2016, and here: Finding the right words…


Day 21: Do you knit gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?

I sure do, and I shared my Christmas 2015 knits here.

Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern or dyed your own yarn? How did it turn out?

In October 2015, a knitting friend and I went to a yarn dying workshop, and the end result was two custom dyed skeins. They turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, but they were dyed under the careful supervision of an experienced dyer. I’d like to try dyeing my own with kool-aid… the time will come for that, and I’m sure I’ll share those experiences here!

My finished yarn.

Day 25: Do you have a knitting book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, size measurements? Post a picture of it!

I would be lost without my knitting journals. Patterns, notes, improvised projects all get tracked in a simple spiral bound note book.

PicMonkey Collage

Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides knitting? What are they, and did learning to knit come before or after learning these other crafts?

My first crafting love was cross-stitch. Mum crossed stitched, so inevitably I picked up a needle and aida cloth. I stitch cross-stitch, but it’s very rare when I do.

A Dean Winchester quote and the Supernatural Devil Trap

Day 29: Do you have any tips, or things that you’ve learned from knitting?

Check out this post on the Five Things I’ve Learned.

Day 30: What’s your name on Ravelry?

Feel free to check out my Ravelry Page Here.


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