Knitting the Distance

A few weeks ago, while idling spending time on Ravelry, I noticed at the bottom of my projects tab, Ravelry thoughtfully tracks how many metres I’ve knit, based on the skeins I’ve entered into my projects.  On this particular day, my ‘Metres in Projects’ tallied 15,900m (15.9km or 9.88mi). If I took all the yarn that was used for those 41 projects, it would stretch almost 16 kilometres. This got me thinking. 16 kilometres. How far is that really?


The distance between the Jane TTC station and Main Street TTC Station is just over 15km.

So is the distance from Union Station to Finch Station.

From Yankee Stadium to Battery Park is almost 16 kilometres as the crow flies.

Also as the crow flies, it would take less than 15 kilometres to get from Calgary International Airport to Canada Olympic Park.

It takes less than 7 kilometres to get from Mandalay Bay to the Stratsophere Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip; add another 3 kilometres or so to get to Downtown Las Vegas and Freemont Street.

The length of the Victoria Line on the London Underground is 21km – still more knitting to go to reach that distance…

However, Line 1 of the Paris Metro is 16.6km, and along that line are stops for Champs-Élysées – Clemenceau, Palais Royal and the Lourve, and the Bastille.

There is 1635 metres in my dad’s sweater alone. For you math savvy folks, those familiar with metric to imperial, one mile is 1610m. There is JUST OVER ONE MILE of yarn in my dad’s sweater. Whoa.

When people say that knitting is a labour of love, it really is. There is a great deal of time finding the right pattern, selecting the perfect yarn, and then knitting that perfect yarn. Not all projects clock in at over a mile, but when you start putting this length of yarn into perspective, it’s an impressive feat to have knit this far, and this number just keeps growing.


7 thoughts on “Knitting the Distance”

  1. *Glares at the TTC Map*

    Just over a mile?! Wow! That is super neat. When you look at anything that is knitted, including your dad’s sweater you would never guess just how much wool goes into making it.


    1. I know, right. It wasn’t until I really looked at the numbers that it really hit me. I’m not good with intangibles. 16km, whatever. But when that’s put into perspective (sorry about the TTC map!) then the number truly hits home.

      Liked by 1 person

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