If I Could Knit Anything…

Last week, my friend and I took a trip to Toronto and visited the Purple Purl. She had never been before and is taking a sock class with Kate Atherley; before starting the class, she wanted to buy yarn from the story so she could complete the ‘homework,’ so I used a few lieu hours on a Tuesday, we grabbed a coffee and made our way into the City.

Inside the Purple Purl. So much lovely yarn!

After my friend shopped, and after we spent a lovely hour or so knitting along with others in the shop, we grabbed dinner at a pub. While waiting for our food, my friend asked, “If I could knit anything, money and time not being a concern, what would it be?” What an interesting question, one to which I had never given any thought. After a few moments, I had the answer: I would knit a dress. ย I love long tunics and sweater dresses. Money and time aside, I would knit myself a dress.

A number of years ago, Ravelry featured on their blog ‘geeky’ knits, to tie into Comicon which was happening at the same time. They shared a photo ofย SixCraftsUnder‘s Tom Baker Dress, this stunning maxi dress knit in the same style as the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. My goodness it was a beautiful dress! Looking at her other projects, that wasn’t her first dress inspired by the geekdom world, and she had knit Vogue Knitting’s A-Line dress in the style of Jayne Cobb’s Hat from Firefly, right down to having a pompom fascinator. Her creativity with these two pieces just floored me, and I was so enamoured with the ‘Cunning Dress’ that I found that issue of Vogue knitting. It’s available through my local library, and once I have the time and money, I’ll be creating my own A-Line Tunic dress.

And so, dear readers, I am now turning this question over to you.ย If I could knit anything, money and time not being a concern, what would it be and why?


9 thoughts on “If I Could Knit Anything…”

  1. Looks like a splendid time at the Purple Purl! I’ve always wanted to knit a big, huge Hudson’s Bay-inspired blanket (with the stripes). Something big and warm for winter. But, alas – money and time. ๐Ÿ™‚ A tunic dress is a lovely dream-knit.


  2. I really want a lopi sweater. Even though that’s nuts because I live in Los Angeles, not Iceland, and there are about 5 days out of the entire year I could wear it without being completely uncomfortable in it. But I love the colors and designs in those sweaters. ๐Ÿ™‚


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