When Centre Pull Goes Bad…

It REALLY goes bad…

This is the current state of a ball of sock yarn.  I’ll likely turn the heel before I get this mess sorted out!

Every knitter has a preference, centre pull or outer pull; I tend to prefer centre, that is until the above happens…

The yarn is Opal Classic, and once the mess is sorted out, the pattern I’ll follow is Harvest Festival Socks.  They will eventually become a Christmas present, here’s hoping I can knit them fast enough!


7 thoughts on “When Centre Pull Goes Bad…”

  1. Ooh, I’m definitely an outer-pull kinda gal; less likelihood of getting snarled up like that. I don’t have the patience. Bet it takes longer to untangle the yarn than to finish the socks! Good luck!


    1. Thanks! I was super patient with it and it seems to be better behaved right now! I know what you mean for outer pull, less of a chance for the mess I was stuck with, but I like centre pull because once it starts, it’s smooth pulling, where with outer, the ball can bounce around. I’ve dropped many a yarn balls on the floor that way!


      1. Yes that’s true. But that’s where a yarn bowl comes in handy! Not that I have one – I gave one to a friend as a gift, and wish I got one for me too!


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