Tiny Ornaments

I have a tiny house. It’s tiny and perfect because it’s just me who lives in it, and I love it.  Last year was my first Christmas in the house, but I didn’t do much in terms of holiday decorating.  I had a wreath on the front door, I had some ornaments in a vase as a centrepiece on my coffee table, and I have a Santa Key, a decoration given to me by a cousin. It’s for houses that don’t have a chimney, a magical key that would let Santa in.  This year, I got myself a tiny Christmas tree for my tiny house.



As this is my first Christmas tree on my own, I didn’t have any ornaments to decorate it. A trip to the dollar store fixed this problem, but some ribbon, a star, and bulbs add colour and festiveness, but they didn’t add much in terms of personality. So, I turned to Ravelry.

What else does a knitter need for her Christmas tree than some hand-knit ornaments.  A few hours and episodes of Full House later, and my tree is a little more yarny.


I have lots of scraps of Cascade 220 and when I found Tiny Sweater, it seemed like a perfect use!

Searching for ornaments on Ravelry brings up over 3000 results (although not all of them are strictly tree ornaments), and another that caught my eye were these geek-inspired ornaments.  I think my tree needs a TARDIS and a cunning hat. ]

I know I’ll add more personality and my  own unique touches to my ornament collection as the years go on, but for now, I’m pretty happy with my first tiny tree for my tiny house.


4 thoughts on “Tiny Ornaments”

  1. Aw, I love that little sweater and tree. Why are little things always so cute?

    Also, “It’s for houses that don’t have a chimney, a magical key that would let Santa in.” That is such a great idea. That’s better than my default response of “he uses ~*~magic~*~ to get in.” 😛

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