Time to Knit

Last week, we had a long weekend up here in Canada, and I enjoyed three days out of the office.  Despite our very soggy spring here in southern Ontario, those three days were bright and sun-filled.  My days off were blissfully spent on my back deck, reading and of course knitting.

Between life, work, and other commitments, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to sitting and knitting.  When I finally make it home after those long days, I find I’m zoning out on the couch in front of the TV. The act of picking up needles somehow seems like too much hard work, and I’d rather zone out and be inactive than passively knitting. However, spending those hours outside over the Canada Day weekend, enjoying the sun and nothingness really made me realize how much I missed having dedicated knitting time. I went back to work on the Wednesday and missed being able to pick up yarn and create.  Socks were worked on, rows on my Madewell cardigan were knit, and I improvised a bowl cozy for my mum. I was able to set knitting goals and (gasp) attain them!

The moral of this blog post – I need a vacation, or a knit-cation.


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