Sometimes, it’s just the yarn

Back in January, I lamented a pattern I purchased because it was lace but not charted.  It was for the Lace Eyelet Cowl, comprised of three lace sections.  I got through section 1 and then it essentially stayed on my needles without much progress, one of those UFOs getting stale at the bottom of a knitting bag. It just wasn’t wowing me enough to keep going.

Pic from January – note the space heater going and the blanket draped over my legs.  What I wouldn’t give for a blast of January weather in the middle of this July heatwave!

Well, it turns out it wasn’t the pattern, and it wasn’t me; it was the yarn.

I originally cast on with Robosheep Yarns Sock in their Zombie Face colourway. It was purple and green and lovely. It wasn’t right for this pattern, however. Last week, I frogged it back and cast on again with Log House Cottage Squishy Sock‘s Sweet Orange colourway (a fun orange speckled yarn), and I couldn’t stop knitting it.  It was simple enough to work on while camping for a few days but exciting enough to capture my attention and get it finished in a week.  One week.  After sitting for six months untouched, this cowl was finished in a week.

Now, I haven’t completely changed how I feel about the lack of charts. I do love me some charts, and lace knitting is SO much easier for me when charted, but sometimes all a project needs is a little change in order to get it done.


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