The Blue Brick’s Grand Opening

On Friday, my friend and I took a little road trip down the 401 and QEW (those are major GTA highways, for anyone who isn’t familiar with Ontario roadways, and really, if you’re not from Ontario, why would you be? Oops! Tangent), road tripping to The Blue Brick Yarn’s grand opening!

The Blue Brick is one of those dyers who is creating really amazing yarns. She specializes in gradients and tonals, and her colourways are inspired by photographs she has taken. My friend has loved this dyer for YEARS, and I must admit that even though I haven’t bought a lot of her yarn in the past, I certainly have done my fair share of lusting over her beautiful yarns.  I’ve had a skein of her yarn (Cobblestone colourway) in my stash for some time, waiting for the right project to come along. I so adore this yarn and want to make the project as special as the yarn deserves.

Cobblestone sock yarn from The Blue Brick

The opening event was yarn filled, rounded out with cupcakes, cookies, and an open bar. It was also very well attended! The space was filled with knitters looking to support this amazing business, and supported they were! The line I waited in to buy my skein must have been at least an hour wait, but it was totally worth it. You couldn’t help but chat with others in line with you, admiring the skeins they had in their arms ready for purchase.


I was a rarity, only buying one skein (but isn’t that just typical me), and I was SO lucky to have it.  The colour is called Muscovy, a tonal that goes from teal to blue to purple and finally to grey. There couldn’t have been a better colour for me.  I saw this skein in another knitter’s hand and simply said, ‘That is stunning.’  She looked at me, held out the yarn and said ‘It’s yours. I can’t find more to make something I want to make. Take it.’ I was, and still am, thrilled with this colour.


I don’t know what it will grow up to be, but the odds of it becoming a cowl are quite strong. Not only is the Blue Brick a fabulous dyer, but she also has patterns on Ravelry as Shireen Nadir; I’ve made her Escarpment Cowl three times now. Her designs are meant to highlight her yarns, so I may see if there’s something perfect for this DK skein.  I’m leaning strongly towards the Samwise Cowl, strongly enough to have bought the pattern on my lunch hour.

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