The easy way, then there’s what I did

I finished my 13th Doctor Socks yesterday, and I am very happy with them!  These were the socks I started in late August with yarn I over dyed. First, here are the socks after blocking.

Yesterday was a bit of a journey to get them finished because I couldn’t have made them the easy way.  I wanted the toes and heels to be the light blue colour and didn’t dye extra white yarn at the time of dyeing, so I had to keep cutting between the stripes to get just the light blue. Yay extra ends to weave in.

I was basing my socks off the ones that are available from the BBC Shop:

As you can see, the cuff is all dark blue. I finished the afterthought heel and obviously wanted a challenge. I’ve never reknit a cuff before but besides the finicky part of picking out the first cuff, it wasn’t a bad process and I’m really happy with the final result.

Happy thanksgiving!

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