And just like that, it’s November

Time really flies when you’re not paying attention. While I’ve been busy knitting, the month of October came to its inevitable end.

Earlier in October, my friend Victoria and I visited a new yarn shop in our community.  It’s a yarn shop / cafe, and really, could there be a better combination for me? Yarn and coffee? Hello! While there, I spent far too much money on yarn, including a fantastic thrummed mitten kit from Fleece Artist. It was 125g of yarn and 60g of roving which will end up being a Christmas gift. I really disliked the last thrummed pattern I used, largely because I really didn’t like the afterthought thumb, so I gave the Family Thrummed Mittens by Catherine Vardy/Briggs and Little a try. I was a little annoyed that before I bought there was no indication on Ravelry if it was a gusseted pattern or not; I love that Ravelry users can suggest edits to patterns as it is now tagged with ‘gusset’ 🙂


Is there anything happier looking than the inside of a thrummed mitt?

This past weekend, I also made progress with my Weekender (by Andrea Mowry) sweater. I got to a point a few weeks back where I needed to start short rows for shoulder shaping, and so it sat idle at the bottom of my bag. This weekend, however, I got the front panel finished and am starting the back! Hopefully, I can have this off my needles sooner rather than later because we really are getting into sweater season!

I also received a lovely shipment of yarn from Biscotte Yarns. God I love their yarns.  I’ve bought a lot from them this month, between one skein at the yarn shop/cafe and then the online order.  Hudson’s Memories was purchased in person, and I’ve been lusting over this colourway for quite some time. I have no idea what it will grow up to be but I love this yarn.

From the online order, I got their Wizard Sock kit in the ‘badger’ colourway, as any good Hufflepuff would, and I bought their coffee mug kit with Mon Pays C’est L’Hiver colourway. In googling to find the translation, (which is roughly is ‘My Homeland is Winter), I learned that this is actually a common saying from a Quebecois folk song expressing nationalism, solidarity and connection to the northern landscape.

I had leftover Bis Sock in ‘Pink and Purr’ which I bought when I was in Montreal, so that knit up VERY quickly to become my new mug insert. LOVE it.


Once again, a delightful combination of coffee and yarn. Be still my heart.

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