Little Women, Big Knits

Let me just say this: if they publish a book of patterns of all the knitwear that appeared in the latest adaptation of Little Women, I would buy it right now. Like, take all my moneys.

I saw the movie last night and was transfixed through the film with the stunning visuals, with how much Saoirse Ronan looks like Laura Dern, and by the lovely, lovely knits. My blog has received BIG (at jar, big compared to my usual) hits over the weekend, and I’m guessing my Sontag post has been shared a few times on Facebook. Each of the March sisters wears a Bosom Buddy though the film, varying in style, colour, and design. As this pattern was popular in the 1860s, it makes sense that these characters are wearing this wrap. At one point, Hermione Emma Watson’s Meg is wearing a Sontag with the basket weave texture that appeared in Godeys.

Originally from Godey’s; image from

Me in my first Sontag – I’ve made three more since this first, making slight alterations with each one

It wasn’t just the Sontags that feature in the film, as we can see Amy with lovely wool mittens, and Jo wears woollen cardigans/jackets throughout. Earlier today, Berroco was posting all over social media that their Broderie Shawl was worn by Laura Dern. The list could go on!

So, moral of my story: if you feel like crying in a movie theatre and looking at pretty knits, go see Little Women.

Happy New Years!

2 thoughts on “Little Women, Big Knits”

  1. I’m so happy to hear they used some period patterns in the film! From a few of the promos I saw earlier this year, the historical accuracy of the costuming seemed a little dodgy. But maybe those were just bad examples? I’m getting more and more excited to see this movie, though I’ll admit I was skeptical about it when it was first announced.

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    1. Not all are historically accurate- the story from Berroco is the costume designers liked the shawl which was a store sample and bought it right then and there, but at one point Meg is definitely wearing a checkerboard pattern wrap.


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