Can a Person Knit Only from a Stash?

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. If you are the type of person who does, please do not take my dislike as an insult, but I know me, I know how I operate, and resolutions are often set ups for failures. Rather, I like re-evaluating habits – this is something that could be done at any time in a person’s life. Habits are hard formed and can be hard to change up, and recently, my yarn buying habits are a wee bit out of control!

I’m hoping to make 2020 the year that I knit more from my stash. This does not mean I won’t be buying more yarn, I mean, change takes time people! But, I want to be more conscientious about my purchases.  I started 2020 with all my yarn entered into my Ravelry stash. Do you use the stash function? You really should. Mind you, the entering process can get tedious, but here is this one place with all my yarn, colourways, yardages, project ideas! It’s truly brilliant.

Annotation 2020-01-06 121322

Completely unsurprising, I have a fair amount of sock yarn in my stash. Shocker, I know. I want to work through my stash and purchase, as I said, conscientiously.  Prime example: a few weekends ago, my friend Victoria and I went to our LYS where I wanted to make a purchase. I hmm-ed and haa-ed about a few different skeins before purchasing two skeins of red sock yarn. Two skeins, but Lisa (I know you’re thinking), you said you were going to restrict your buying! These skeins are going to form the body of the Sock Arms Sweater by Stephanie Lotven. The highlight of the sweater are the fun arms, made with special skeins of sock yarn, and I have a skein of Biscotte ready to go for this garment.  I could have purchased another lovely skein, but that skein would have likely sat for some time in my stash, or I purpose bought two skeins that will be used almost immediately for a sweater. Buying for the sake of buying, or buying with purpose.

Here’s hoping, I can work down some of my stash this year, be more thoughtful about my purchases, and ultimately keep creating through the year.

12 thoughts on “Can a Person Knit Only from a Stash?”

  1. I have far too much yarn, including lots of leftover smaller balls, to use the Ravelry stash function, but trying hard to but the stash. If I catalogued it all I’d never have time to knit! I am also trying to limit new purchases to natural fibres wherever possible. I totally agree with you about resolutions though- I’m using them as guidelines not strict rules. Nobody should ever be too hard on themselves, especially about knitting!

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  2. My yarn collection is larger than I would like, but it is significantly smaller than any of my friends’. I prefer to knit from stash. As for Ravelry, I love using the stash feature because I can look at a pattern and there will be yarn recommendations from my stashed yarn. This is very helpful when trying to knit down your supply.

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