WIP Wednesday

I can’t believe how quickly my Le Pouf Cardi is coming along.  For a project that’s been stressing me out, the stress is subsiding as the project progresses.

Just look at it!

I’ve been weighing the yarn as I’ve been knitting along which has helped with the stress.  Basically, I’m super concerned that I won’t have enough to get the job done, but as I’ve been working on the first sleeve, the concern wasn’t warranted.  I’ve been burned before, not having enough yarn to get the job done, and I really didn’t want to frog any progress I’ve made.

I’ve knit a few more rows of my Samwise Cowl, the lace simple enough to be interesting while not completely consuming all brain power. The yarn is ombré, and the colours are going to change soon! It’s the little things in life, right?

All the while, I’ve managed to use up left over Berocco Ultra Alpaca from the stash! Yay stash down! I overdyed white and grey to purple, and I made up my own cowl for it. Inspired by the two textured Casu Cowl, the dark purple was a simple YO, K2Tog pattern while the lighter purple was seed stitch.

It’s Wednesday. The weekend is around the corner! Happy knitting!

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