On my needles

Since finishing my latest cardigan, all my attention has been given to my Samwise Cowl. I get like that with lace patterns, where at first, it takes everything in me to get moving on it, but once I get used to the pattern and the repetitions, I cannot put the projects down, and this is indeed the case with Samwise.  The anticipation of the colour changes in the yarn certainly is helping as well, and I can certainly say that it is well and truly into the blue colour!

The pattern has three different charts to follow, and I’m at the point in the pattern where I have only one chart repetition to complete before edging garter stitches, but I still have quite a bit of this yarn left and am hoping to make it into the purple before I have to bind off.  I figure I have two options: work more repeats of this chart, or make the garter section super long.  I can’t even turn to other project examples on Ravelry because there is only one other person who has added this to their projects! I think my game plan will be to finish the chart repeat, add a lifeline, then repeat one more time.  If I don’t have enough yarn to do that final repeat, I can rip it all out knowing my stitches are held safely on the lifeline.  If all goes to plan, the cowl will be a little longer than the pattern itself calls for, but you should be able to see the beautiful fade this yarn is doing.

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