Sock Stories (or lack thereof) – March 2020

I haven’t been knitting socks. None. Nada. Zip. MAYBE I’ve worked a round or two on a pair of scrappy, stash busting toe-up socks, and MAYBE I’ve worked another round or two on a pair of self-striping vanilla socks. However, for whatever reason,  haven’t made socks at all this month.

If I say I finished a pair of mittens using sock yarn, does that count?



These are the mittens I’ve made for my best friend, the warm, requested mittens.  Hopefully I’ll be giving them to her later this week. We have plans to plan our summer trip, you know, important stuff.

Besides the mittens, my knitting attention was devoted to finishing my Samwise cowl, which I finished earlier in the month.


Maybe I’ll get my sock mojo back, but I have a feeling early March will be devoted to the annual Soper Creek Yarn Challenge.  I’ve picked a simple pattern to show off the chosen yarn, and admittedly, it’s coming together quickly.


Here’s hoping for a productive March.

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