What’s On (And Off) My Needles

Let’s start with some exciting news: I finished my Elkko sweater! This Aran weight sweater came together very fast (just under two weeks fast); it’s a Knitty.com pattern (read, FREE), and I really enjoyed making it.


But then, towards the end of last week, I found myself wanting knitting inspiration. I called my mum and asked if there was anything in particular she wanted me to make for her? I was thinking socks, hat, something like that. Nope, my mother went to her Pinterest account and found patterns for a stuffed cat (that could be used as a doorstop, she says) and feather bookmarks. I have to say, while the cat was a little blarg to knit, the feathers were really fun.  I made a few with two strands of sock yarn held double, and one was made with left-over DK weight. I can see myself making more of these before quarantine is up.


And then, I got a message from my brother who heard I was looking for knit projects. This is very unlike my brother to ask for something knitted, so I was intrigued.  He and his wife just adopted a French bulldog named Lotus, and apparently Lotus was wanting a new coat. I couldn’t WAIT to cast on.  It tugged at my heart that the pattern Brother asked me to make was Hoodie Dog Coat (so she would look tough while out for walks, he said).

I’ve made this pattern once before, for our beloved Border Terrier who passed away in 2018. The coat has now been passed along to my Grandad’s Jack Russell. Tucker was rather portly, so it was snug on him, but the Medium fits a Jack Russell REALLY well While the pattern itself is rather poorly written, I couldn’t resist making this project for nostalgia alone. I’m making Lotus’s Coat in a Large based on chest measurements, but adjusting the length for her.  Fingers crossed it works out…

And after spending much of Sunday on the couch watching Community on Netflix, I got a good bulk of the coat finished. It’s made with old Red Heart, so that if the dog gets it dirty and it need washing, it can handle pretty much anything.

What have you been working on? What has been your Knitspiration?

Stay safe!

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