Finished Object Friday – Berry Skies

Last weekend, I was able to enjoy a four day weekend. Mind, I stayed in my house all by myself, and I didn’t get to visit family at all over the weekend, a first for Easter and it hit kinda hard. I did get a LOVELY front porch visit from my best friend, and thank all things merino for telephones and FaceTime.

Knowing it was four days of uninterrupted nothingness, I bought myself two patterns I had been eyeing on Ravelry, one of which was Berry Skies by Martina Behm. It’s an awesome asymmetrical cowl using a variety of fingering sock yarn.  Could this cowl be ticking any more of my knitting love boxes? (Please have read that with the intended Chandler Bing infliction…)

I had yarn in mind – three variations of orange Log House Cottage yarn.  I realized because I’m terrible at knitting math I needed one more skein to make my life easy, and I was SO grateful that one of my LYSs was doing curb-side pick up on Good Friday.

I cast on last Thursday after signing off from working from home, and yesterday I was wearing the finished cowl. I think this is a reflection of both how quickly this garter project came together and just how much knitting I got done through the weekend.

Everything about this was fun – fun project, fun yarn, fun construction, and the easy garter construction meant it was easy to work on while watching TV or reading.

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