Sock Stories – May 2020

Let’s be honest, my sock round up had been pretty sad in March & April, but this month, I actually have stories to tell because I’ve actually been knitting socks!

First, I got a simple vanilla pair finished!


The yarn is Timber Yarns in Platform 9 3/4 – if you notice, the stripes are all the colours of the Hogwarts Houses. I bought this vibrant yarn last year at the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival

*excuse me for a minute while I reflect back on an amazing Saturday with friends and grieving the fact that there have been no in-person fibre festivals*

Okay, I’m back. Yes, socks. Bright, fun, self-striping socks.

I’ve also (finally) made some headway on a pair using the pattern Cozy Autumn Socks by This Handmade Life. No idea why getting going on this was a slog, but, I think I’m coming to a realization. I love lace and cables, I really do, but getting used to a pattern and what is expected takes time to get used to, so I drag my feet when making these patterns.  The Half Blood Prince Socks felt the same way.

Finally, I started a pair of socks this weekend for my sister. I got through about 25 rounds of an eyelet pattern before realizing how much I disliked how it was shaping up. A quick visit to the frog pond, a new pattern, and two webinars later, and the socks are just over 20 rounds finished, so basically back to where I was. This pattern is Let It Shine Socks by Sarah Youde, and it’s living up to the name. The yarn really does shine with this pattern, and the lace panel adds the right amount of interest.

Happy sock knitting!

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