Another one bites the dust

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Oops, I did it again. Ok, maybe not oops. I mean, I was very intentional when I took my scissors to a corner of a shawl and unravelled a skein and a half from a shawl, which is now no more. There may not have been an ‘oops,’ but there was texting with a friend for moral support.

The conversation could basically be read as follows:

Me: I’m gonna frog a shawl
Her: Do ittttttt
Me: I mean, this is it, I think I should frog…
Her: Do ittttttt
Me: I never wear it, and I think i have a pattern in mind
Her: Do ittttttt

Welp, I did it.

I turned this:

Into this:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this shawl. I really, really did. However, as my friend pointed out, the lace details gets lost in the variegation of the yarn, and as I’ve come to realize, I don’t really wear crescent shawls. I love this cotton yarn too much for it to sit basically ignored in my closet (and the yarn may have been the reason my love for the shawl was so strong), and I’ve been thinking of making another “Summer Secret Crop.” Or, as I’m clearly leaning towards tops, and I have just over 400m to work with, I should be able to find something that will fit with what I’m looking for.

And I can’t say that my previous frogging adventures were misguided because that yarn is on my needles for another “V-Neck Magpie.” This time, I’m using ONLY 6.5mm needles (rahter than the 5mm called for to work I-cords) and I used the I-cord Cast on. This cast on method was a little fussy, and it made the first row of stitches a little loose, but ultimately, it was SO MUCH SIMPLER than knitting the i-cord then picking up stitches. I MUCH prefer having the live stitches ready to go, and I’m hoping some of the looseness will block out somewhat.

Frogging may be painful but worth it.

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