Sock Stories – July 2020

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The sock mojo, it just isn’t there. I mean, I’m knitting socks, but as has been the theme for the past few months, my oomph for it just isn’t there.

  1. Is it the heat? Am I just not wanting to knit warm wool socks in the summer?
  2. Could it be my overstuffed sock drawer? I mean, I’m constantly trying to keep this darn dresser drawer organized?
  3. Am I just feeling blah about the socks I’m working on – I’d say a heck yes for two of my three pairs on the go
  4. Or, perhaps, as I’ve lamented before, I have a lot of socks, but my wardrobe is lacking in summer knits, crop tops, cottons, and those have been the projects I’m gravitating towards at the moment.

The pair with the most progress is my “Let It Shine” pair for my sister. I’m nearly halfway done sock #2, and seeing the end is certainly motivating.

And, I mean, it’s looking rather pretty.

Maybe this is the month my mojo comes back… one can be hopeful.

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