Trying to get to my pudding

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If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?

Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall

This weekend, I set a goal for myself. I wouldn’t start any new project, despite how much I really wanted to, until I finished socks. My oomph to work on socks just hasn’t been there, all the while, my desire to make ALL THE TOPS has been in overdrive.

Apparently, setting this clear goal worked, and I got most of one sock done and finished another.

I’ve dubbed these my ‘ugly socks’ or my ‘Get Out of my Stash and Onto my Feet’ socks:

There are three different self striping skein remnants making up these beauties, and I used a toe-up pattern (“Vanilla Sock with Gusset & Choice of Heel” by Jo Torr”), and I’m not nearly as confident with as I am for cuff down. I had a few false starts and a few visits to the frog pond with them, and then they sat ignored on the gusset increase step for months. Who knew that a little undivided attention would mean getting the first sock finished…

The other sock that got some attention this weekend was my “Let It Shine Socks” – I’m more than halfway finished the foot, so this is another pair that will be finished soon.

So, once I’ve ‘ate my meat’ and can ‘get to my pudding’ (got through the stuff I’m slogging with to get to what I REALLY want to make), my next project might be from a yarn box! Village Laine, one of my LYSs, has started subscription yarn box program, and after my friend shared what was inside her box for Summer 2020, I drove down and bought one of the few remaining kits for myself.

The yarn is cotton and nylon, and included in the kit was a pattern for a t-shirt. My friend is also working through a few UFOs before she starts her shirt, so I might wait and start with her for an unofficial knit-along.

But, the fact that I got these goals achieved and made significant progress on these pairs, I’m happy.

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